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How to Write a Training Center Mission Statement

The Training Center Mission Statement: More Than Mere Words For over twenty years, IBG has championed a 7 Step Process that leads to effective and meaningful Strategic Business Plans for Public Safety Training Centers. In addition to this process, I … Continue reading…

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Public Safety Training Center Planning: What Will Success Look Like?

What is the most important and first task that must be completed. It may not guarantee success, but without it will guarantee failure?

Understanding what a successful public safety, police, firefighter training center project will mean for you, your department and public you serve. Continue reading…

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Active Shooter Training: At What Cost?

Within the last five years, there have been at least 14 prominent, high-casualty producing active shooter incidents. Most of these cases have occurred in locations where the shooter has been undeterred and unobstructed from carrying out his attack. The incident … Continue reading…

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Is There Revenue in Your Training Center’s Future? PART 3

The police and fire training centers of today look much different than they did 10 to 15 years ago. Static training drills, such as “stand and shoot” firearms qualification or repetitive hose deployment drills, have been improved through the growing … Continue reading…

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Public Safety Training Center Management; Ideas and Solutions

More Agencies Are Adopting a Multi-Department Approach In most cases, the Governance and Daily Operational Management of a Public Safety Training Center is pretty straightforward. Commonly, the Lead Training Officer has responsibility for daily operational management of the facility and … Continue reading…

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Training Center Money; More Than One Color

When considering funding for a new public safety training facility there are at least TWO colors of money: money for construction and money for operations. Both are important, but many times the latter is the color overlooked or misunderstood. Today … Continue reading…

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Training Facility Planning, Avoid The BIG Mistake

So you want to build a Police or Fire Training Center (maybe even a Combined Partnership). You’ve identified several potential locations. The chief is on board. You have strong support from the fire or police union (or both). The city manager has expressed optimism for the project. Congratulations you’re “almost” there. At this point the usual next step is to call over to the facilities department and purchasing and tell them you need an RFP for architectural design services. Big Mistake. Let me tell you why Continue reading…

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How To Begin Planning For A Police or Firefighter Training Center

In the fast-changing world of public safety, more and more public safety departments are finding that their current training facilities are outdated and sorely lacking in the equipment, technology and props needed to adequately train their growing numbers of police and firefighters. straightforward, well-researched plan — and police and fire training centers are no exception. Continue reading…

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Revenue Ideas For Public Safety Training Centers, Part 1

Given the realities of funding the operation of a full-service public safety training center, can be challenging. Interact Business Group has identified several examples of how police or fire training center manager can become “entrepreneurial” in their approach to funding their training center. Continue reading…

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Police Training Center Going Regional In The Rockies

Three acres between the Meridian Police Department and the Idaho State Police headquarters currently stand empty. But before long, city officials said, they’ll hold the biggest law enforcement training facility in the northern Rockies. Continue reading…

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