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Helpful Tools For E-Learning Development in Public Safety

Helpful Tools For E-Learning Development in Public Safety – Police and Fire Departments that are not currently using  computer based instruction soon will. There are many factors at play here; technology advancements, cost benefits, and younger student acceptance. Faced the accelerated pace of computer instruction many departments may be asking: “How do I begin and what tools do I need” Continue reading…

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How Police and Fire Department Use Computers For Training

How do Police and Fire Departments get started using computers in training and what are the steps to implementation into the public safety training environment. Continue reading…

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Training Facility Planning, Avoid The BIG Mistake

So you want to build a Police or Fire Training Center (maybe even a Combined Partnership). You’ve identified several potential locations. The chief is on board. You have strong support from the fire or police union (or both). The city manager has expressed optimism for the project. Congratulations you’re “almost” there. At this point the usual next step is to call over to the facilities department and purchasing and tell them you need an RFP for architectural design services. Big Mistake. Let me tell you why Continue reading…

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How To Begin Planning For A Police or Firefighter Training Center

In the fast-changing world of public safety, more and more public safety departments are finding that their current training facilities are outdated and sorely lacking in the equipment, technology and props needed to adequately train their growing numbers of police and firefighters. straightforward, well-researched plan — and police and fire training centers are no exception. Continue reading…

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Public Safety Departments and College Partnerships

Over the past 15 years collaboration between police, fire departments and community colleges to share or co-locate training centers has had hot and cold periods. Since the economic down turn of 2008 collaboration efforts has turned hot once again. Continue reading…

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