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Training Center Funding; New Ideas and Old Favorites

It has been the experience of IBG that federal and state funding avenues for public services training facilities are generally difficult to come by. Many government agencies take the approach that facilities (bricks and mortar) are the responsibility of the … Continue reading…

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Law Enforcement Training Center, Regional Planning Begins In Colorado

Regional cooperation, partnerships and a strong need for a public safety training center has brought together the cities of Loveland and Fort Collins Colorado. Over the next months the cities will come together and develop a strategic business plan and … Continue reading…

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Revenue Ideas For Public Safety Training Centers, Part 1

Given the realities of funding the operation of a full-service public safety training center, can be challenging. Interact Business Group has identified several examples of how police or fire training center manager can become “entrepreneurial” in their approach to funding their training center. Continue reading…

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Police Training Center Going Regional In The Rockies

Three acres between the Meridian Police Department and the Idaho State Police headquarters currently stand empty. But before long, city officials said, they’ll hold the biggest law enforcement training facility in the northern Rockies. Continue reading…

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Fire and Police Training Center May Cut Costs By $300,000

The combined Fire and Police Training Center in Round Rock Texas (near Austin) may cut current training cost by around $300,000. Earlier this year Interact Business Group completed a strategic business plan for the project that took into account existing training conditions, including travel to out of area training locations, staff overtime and equipment efficiencies. Continue reading…

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Fire District Picks Site For Training

Fire district officials will look to a new site to build a new fire and police training facility due to “significant issues” in the area near the city’s wastewater lagoon. According to City Administrator Russell Rost, a training tower could possibly be built behind the Union Fire Protection District […]

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