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Training Center Funding; New Ideas and Old Favorites

It has been the experience of IBG that federal and state funding avenues for public services training facilities are generally difficult to come by. Many government agencies take the approach that facilities (bricks and mortar) are the responsibility of the … Continue reading…

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Police and Firefighters, “Wear a Seatbelt.” No More Funerals!

Call to Police and Firefighters, “Wear A Seatbelt.” No more needless funerals Earlier this year I wrote about seatbelts, police officers and firefighters. Statistics and excuses surround the great seatbelt “debate.” By definition a debate needs two sides, in this … Continue reading…

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Should Police and Firefighters Wear Seatbelts?

In case you missed it (yes, sarcasm purposefully implied), it’s dangerous for police or firefighters to ride in an emergency response vehicle without wearing a seatbelt! Continue reading…

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