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Is There Revenue in Your Training Center’s Future? PART 3

The police and fire training centers of today look much different than they did 10 to 15 years ago. Static training drills, such as “stand and shoot” firearms qualification or repetitive hose deployment drills, have been improved through the growing … Continue reading…

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Training Center Money; More Than One Color

When considering funding for a new public safety training facility there are at least TWO colors of money: money for construction and money for operations. Both are important, but many times the latter is the color overlooked or misunderstood. Today … Continue reading…

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Fire and Police Training Center May Cut Costs By $300,000

The combined Fire and Police Training Center in Round Rock Texas (near Austin) may cut current training cost by around $300,000. Earlier this year Interact Business Group completed a strategic business plan for the project that took into account existing training conditions, including travel to out of area training locations, staff overtime and equipment efficiencies. Continue reading…

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Fire Apparatus Drivers Program

The DPSST Regional Fire Section is no stranger to remote delivery for the Oregon Fire Service. Thier new tool; Skid Avoidance for Fire Apparatus Drivers (SAFAD). A training tool for fire apparatus driver training. Continue reading…

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