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Interactive Emergency Response Communications: From Chaos to Customer Service

Effective communications with the public in time of crisis  has always been a difficult endeavor. There is now an intelligent and practical solution. Continue reading…

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Public Safety Training Newsletter Available

A monthly one-stop source for news, events, technical data, product information & trends and success stories for the public safety training industry. Continue reading…

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Training for Mental Health Response

Scanning the news over the past few months we have noticed a growing uptick in the number of stories involving first responders and calls involving Mental Health Issues. This got us wondering: What is going on? Are these types of calls for service being placed in a new category? Have they been underreported in the past due to negative public perception? Is mental health (finally) being recognized as a true health issue, not a social issue among the less fortunate in our society? We were shocked and amazed at what we found. Continue reading…

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Hope Is Not A Plan – Emergency Planning is Essential

No one can do everything themselves, including holding off wildfires or recovering from floods and earthquakes. Public safety agencies cannot be everywhere for everyone either. Continue reading…

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How Emergency Management Is Changing

Like all professions, emergency management has evolved throughout the years to become what it is today – a defined field of work that’s paving a career path for future employees. The modern concept of emergency management has grown from the … Continue reading…

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Fusion Centers and A Bad Range Day

Two featured articles 1. Fusion Center Is a Model for Public-Private Collaboration “See Something, Say Something “ 2. “A Bad Day at the Range…” “We all understand the shortage of training dollars in almost every aspect of Law Enforcement and … Continue reading…

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