Law Enforcement Training Center, Regional Planning Begins In Colorado

Police Training Center Project Team

Project Planning Team

Regional cooperation, partnerships and a strong need for a public safety training center has brought together the cities of Loveland and Fort Collins Colorado. Over the next months the cities will come together and develop a strategic business plan and design for a law enforcement, police training center.


After several years of stops and starts the cities have taken the step to turn their vision into a reality by approving a business plan and design and engineering contract. Interact Business Group along with team leader and Belford Watkins Group.

The planned multi-faceted and possibly regional police training facility was approved by city council with many facets being planned for the center such as:

  • Indoor shooting range
  • Driving platform (EVOC)
  • K-9 Training Center
  • Classroom Space
  • Administrative Offices

The Loveland News recently reported on the following project details:

The Loveland City Council’s planning session in January got the wheels moving on the training facility was identified as a priority for 2013. “The heavy duty lifting with this project on the front end … is going to be the programming piece related to gathering and compiling and sharing information about not only what needs to go into the project, but also who can participate and who can help finance the project,” facilities manager Ken Cooper told the council. The city has opened up discussions with outside municipalities about a regional facility for training law enforcement officials, and so far, it has been met with interest.

“We’re trying to line up regional partners of participants,” City Manager Bill Cahill said last week. “This would be the best range of its kind of Northern Colorado and we think that other departments are going to want to use it.”

The city of Fort Collins recently came on board in agreeing to be a full partner in the project, Cahill said. “I think this facility then emerges as a genuine regional facility,” he said.

Partnerships is a key element for this project. The rationality aspect of public safety training is a national trend that continues to grow. Going it alone, meaning a single city building a police or firefighting training center for its own individual use and access is no longer feasible. Stressed budgets for construction and competing project coupled with the often over looked cost of annual operations (Operations and Maintenance Costs, O&M) have created a near impossible scenario for going it alone. Other agencies, which share similar training needs, often contribute in a way that could eventually make the Loveland/Ft Collins training facility a self-sustaining enterprise.

Police Training Center Planning Session

Planning Session


A final decision for the training center site has not made however land near the southwest end of the Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport is considered to be the favored location.

The project team (IBG, Belford Watkins and Track Plan) recently held planning sessions with staff from Loveland and Fort Collins. The series of meetings over a three day period included topics such as:

  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Partnership Relationships
  • Daily Operations
  • Driving Track Design
  • Shooting Range Design
  • Site Layout

The training facility project has been placed into Loveland’s 2014 Capital Program similar action is anticipated from Fort Collins soon. The full design and construction of the facility programmed in three phases from 2016-2019. Total cost of entire project is estimated at just more than $18 million in the Capital Program.

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