Jobs in Public Safety Cannot Be Outsourced

According to the latest labor market projections from the Employment Development Department, occupations in public safety such as firefighters, environmental science and protection technicians, and emergency medical technicians and paramedics rank among California’s top 100 fastest growing occupations with the most job openings. Students who aspire to have careers in the public safety sector must be prepared to succeed in a knowledge-based, globally competitive environment that is ethnically and culturally diverse and demands a sophisticated set of skills.

Lompoc Valley Center

Because jobs in public safety cannot be outsourced, it is imperative that students have access to the training they need to meet the workforce demands. The Allan Hancock College is responding to this need with the construction of a state-of-the-art Public Safety Training Complex at its Lompoc Valley Center, which currently hosts the Central California Environmental Training Center (ETC). The Public Safety Training Complex is a $46.2 million.


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