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Cost Reduction Ideas For Police and Fire Training

Last week a host of creative ideas and strategies were exchanged, along with many first hand experiences on how public safety training centers are generating funds to improve training operations, improve technologies, and prepare for the eventual unexpected expenses that … Continue reading…

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Public Safety Training Foundations, A Good Path to Funding Support

Many public safety agencies have embraced the concept of public-private partnerships by working with various private sector entities that wish to provide ongoing financial support to a training center or facility. The structure for doing so frequently takes the form … Continue reading…

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Training Center Funding; New Ideas and Old Favorites

It has been the experience of IBG that federal and state funding avenues for public services training facilities are generally difficult to come by. Many government agencies take the approach that facilities (bricks and mortar) are the responsibility of the … Continue reading…

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Training Center Money; More Than One Color

When considering funding for a new public safety training facility there are at least TWO colors of money: money for construction and money for operations. Both are important, but many times the latter is the color overlooked or misunderstood. Today … Continue reading…

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Interactive Emergency Response Communications: From Chaos to Customer Service

Effective communications with the public in time of crisis  has always been a difficult endeavor. There is now an intelligent and practical solution. Continue reading…

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Revenue Ideas For Public Safety Training Centers, Part 1

Given the realities of funding the operation of a full-service public safety training center, can be challenging. Interact Business Group has identified several examples of how police or fire training center manager can become “entrepreneurial” in their approach to funding their training center. Continue reading…

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Economic News and Its Impact on Public Safety

The economic news coming from cities and counties nationwide is abysmal. With the nation in a deep recession since 2007, some say even larger budget cuts are now reaching public safety agencies. Continue reading…

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Police Fire Facility Cost and Funding Benefit Analysis

Most state, count or state departments are competing for the same budget money. Developing a strong Cost Benefit Analysis is a critical element in the funding battle. Continue reading…

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Police, Fire Budgets, Not a Pretty Picture

Everyday I speak with police and fire departments and usually its about money and budgets. This daily back and forth has given me a front roll seat on the front lines of the local municipality budget crisis. Continue reading…

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