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How To Begin Planning For A Police or Firefighter Training Center

In the fast-changing world of public safety, more and more public safety departments are finding that their current training facilities are outdated and sorely lacking in the equipment, technology and props needed to adequately train their growing numbers of police and firefighters. straightforward, well-researched plan — and police and fire training centers are no exception. Continue reading…

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Public Safety Training Newsletter Available

A monthly one-stop source for news, events, technical data, product information & trends and success stories for the public safety training industry. Continue reading…

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Training for Mental Health Response

Scanning the news over the past few months we have noticed a growing uptick in the number of stories involving first responders and calls involving Mental Health Issues. This got us wondering: What is going on? Are these types of calls for service being placed in a new category? Have they been underreported in the past due to negative public perception? Is mental health (finally) being recognized as a true health issue, not a social issue among the less fortunate in our society? We were shocked and amazed at what we found. Continue reading…

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Fire Apparatus Drivers Program

The DPSST Regional Fire Section is no stranger to remote delivery for the Oregon Fire Service. Thier new tool; Skid Avoidance for Fire Apparatus Drivers (SAFAD). A training tool for fire apparatus driver training. Continue reading…

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3 Trends In Job Creation For Public Safety

I have highlighted three job creation trends specific to public safety: internships, high school programs and veteran programs. The following articles from Emergency Management and Fire Chief Magazines respectively outline two excellent programs that are not necessarily new but are more … Continue reading…

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Law Enforcment and Fire Service Training Trends

In today’s fast-paced environment, traditional classroom learning does not fully meet the training needs of police officers and fireman in dispersed organizations. Just as the Web is a critical business component, eLearning is now a critical learning component for organizations. … Continue reading…

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