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Strategies For Funding a Fire or Police Department Training Center

There are many creative ideas and strategies when planning a fire or police department training center. Fire and Police Chiefs are continually searching for ways to generate funds for new or improved training centers, improve technologies, and prepare for the … Continue reading…

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Cyber Security – Training, Education and Funding

Earlier this year the White House established the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC). The CTIIC will be a national intelligence center focused on “connecting the dots” regarding malicious foreign cyber threats to the nation and cyber incidents affecting U.S. … Continue reading…

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Helpful Tools For E-Learning Development in Public Safety

Helpful Tools For E-Learning Development in Public Safety – Police and Fire Departments that are not currently using  computer based instruction soon will. There are many factors at play here; technology advancements, cost benefits, and younger student acceptance. Faced the accelerated pace of computer instruction many departments may be asking: “How do I begin and what tools do I need” Continue reading…

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Training Center Money; More Than One Color

When considering funding for a new public safety training facility there are at least TWO colors of money: money for construction and money for operations. Both are important, but many times the latter is the color overlooked or misunderstood. Today … Continue reading…

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How Police and Fire Department Use Computers For Training

How do Police and Fire Departments get started using computers in training and what are the steps to implementation into the public safety training environment. Continue reading…

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Need Help Implementing Online Training At Your Fire or Police Department?

If a public safety department, police, fire, EMS, etc. is considering implementation of online learning technologies the training chief or project team leader must establish their end game goals. Using the following three principles when developing the specific goals and objectives for the project will serve as the guiding principals for the project. Continue reading…

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On-Line Courseware Trends and Evaluation Study

There has been widespread research by academics, corporations and scientists on the effectiveness of e-learning. The overarching result of all the recent studies has been that pure online learning is as efficient as pure face-to-face learning. Seven guidelines that further validate these findings from a study conducted on the status and condition of on-line leaning in the fire service. Continue reading…

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Avoiding Training Accidents, It’s All About Discipline

“Policeman and Firefighters say, that when stress, adrenaline or disorientation occurs they we fall back on the lessons learned in training, in other words “their training kicked in.” Continue reading…

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Public Safety Training Newsletter Available

A monthly one-stop source for news, events, technical data, product information & trends and success stories for the public safety training industry. Continue reading…

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Training for Mental Health Response

Scanning the news over the past few months we have noticed a growing uptick in the number of stories involving first responders and calls involving Mental Health Issues. This got us wondering: What is going on? Are these types of calls for service being placed in a new category? Have they been underreported in the past due to negative public perception? Is mental health (finally) being recognized as a true health issue, not a social issue among the less fortunate in our society? We were shocked and amazed at what we found. Continue reading…

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